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The SocialBulldogs VCard is so much more than a Virtual Business Card. The All in One Text Marketing Platform allows you to build multiple information cards for yourself and your business. Control what information you are giving about yourself or your business and to whom

Social Card

SCards are VCards which contains your personal information for your friends and family

Business Card

BCards are VCards which contains your business information for customers and new clients. It is possible to have multiple BCards with each focusing on a different aspect of your business. Don't just exchange phone numbers - give relevant information about your business and your contact information.

VCard Features

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Send without the need for them to "text"
  • Allow for appointment scheduling and calendars
  • Powerful Database Building Tool
  • Email or Text Notifications
  • Allows for the delivery of Video and Images
  • Ease of creation of a much more powerful marketing tool
  • Compliant with Text Marketing Regulations
  • Allows for the delivery of products for sale (mcommerce)

Build your Own or Let Us Build it for you

Our ALL in One Mobile Marketing Platform is easy for even novice website designers to develop and manage their own Marketing Material. At the same time at Socialbulldogs we understand that you may be to busy to take on these challenges. Our experienced Design and Management Teams can have you up and running in 72 hours.... more