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Security Protocol for SocialBulldogs Accounts

Security & Document Transfer Drexel Brothers LPMs have access to many tools to help their business be more efficient. One of these tools is  our Virtual Document Management System. Here is a breakdown of the current Cloud Management Systems LPMs can be associated with:Independent Drexel Brothers Cloud Management SystemDrexel Brothers Cloud Inside SocialBulldogs Independent Client Cloud Inside Google DocsLPMs and Clients are only given access to limited portions of each of these clouds and only at restricted times to increase the security of the system. It is essential that all LPMs understand that the security of the documents they have access to in these portals is vital. It is essential that LPMs follow  Secure Cloud Management Practices to keep the integrity of this system intact. LPMs are also responsible to educate Clients on Secure Cloud Management Recommendations and can use this document for that purposeClient Document ManagementWe have a secure Cloud inside Drexel Brothers for your clients sensitive Documents that are required for Loan Processing. These Documents can be kept with Drexel Brothers indefinitely, but they will need to be updated before each Loan can be processed. You ( LPMs) have no reason to be in contact with your client’s Sensitive Documents and therefore we have clients upload them directly to Drexel Brothers.One good option is for clients to set up a Google Docs account with 2 step verification; where they can store their documents, update them as required and upload them to Drexel Brothers as necessary. We recommend that you investigate  your own Google Docs account  and set it up with 2 step verification for your files and documents ; so you will be able to help your clients with this step if they are interestedSetup a Google with your own email address or a new Gmail Address: to Google Drive at folder will be visible in their "Shared with me" folder.They should click on the folder name.They can use the "Upload file" link on the left hand side to upload their filesThis link discusses Uploading Files to Google docs: link discusses sharing settings in Google Drive: 2 step Verification Link In order to setup 2Step-Verification for your account, please do the following:1. Go to "" and sign in with your account.2. Click on the tab 'Security'.3. Under the 'Password' section, on the right of "2-Step Verification" click on 'Setup'.4. Follow the onscreen steps and enter your phone number (where the authentication codes will be delivered).Google Drive is the Cloud Management System we use for Drexel Brothers LPMs. Below are the security protocol that Google recommends:Secure your PasswordsPasswords are the first line of defense against cyber criminals. Pick strong passwords that are different for each of your important accounts Update your passwords regularlyKeep your passwords in a secret place that isn’t easily visibleUse a Long Password that is made up of lower and upper case letters, symbols & numbers Set Up Password recovery options and keep them up to dateAttach a mobile # to your accountHaving a mobile phone number on your account is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to help keep your account safe. For example, service providers can use the phone number to:challenge those who try to break into your account can send you a verification code so you can get into your account if you ever lose accesswon’t result in you being signed up for marketing lists or getting more calls from telemarketersmore secure identification method than your recovery email address or a security question because, unlike the other two, you have physical possession of your mobile phoneUse Two-Step VerificationThe biggest risk to your data is your credentials, which for most of us is an easily guessed password. Two-step verification is one of the surest ways to secure your Google Account (which gives you access to Google Drive, of course). Once enabled you’ll have to enter not only your password but a second code Google sends to your mobile phone via text message. It doesn’t add much time to the login process and is infinitely more secure. Why? If someone tries to hack your account they’ll need your password AND your phone:  2 step Verification Link In order to setup 2Step-Verification for your account, please do the following:1. Go to "" and sign in with your account.2. Click on the tab 'Security'.3. Under the 'Password' section, on the right of "2-Step Verification" click on 'Setup'.4. Follow the onscreen steps and enter your phone number (where the authentication codes will be delivered).Setup recovery on your Google AccountIt can happen – let’s say you lost control of your account to a third party (you left your account logged into on a public computer, forgot to lock your computer, someone guessed your password). Google Drive users should be more concerned than anyone, especially if they’re uploading identity-theft grade files like tax returns or insurance documents.Fortunately, losing control of your account isn’t the end of the world. You can setup account recovery options which will allow you to regain control of your Google Account. Things you can do include adding a security question, use of your mobile phone, and most importantly, setting up an alternate email address.Secure your files by ApplicationThink of Google Drive as a backend platform – while it can simply store files, it’s also designed to act as a storage subsystem for applications (Google Apps, for example, now uses Google Drive instead of the defunct Google Documents). You can find apps that store photos, videos and even faxes in Google Drive in the Chrome Web Store. Why is it important to think about security on a per-file basis? You may not want to give a video editing app access to last year’s W2 form. While it probably won’t hurt, keep in mind that most apps for Google Drive are not developed by Google (read: third-party). It’s not that we don’t trust anyone, but why take any risk, no matter how small, if it’s unnecessary?To revoke an app’s permission to a file, right-click the file and click “View authorized apps…” and then the Revoke button next to any app you don’t want to have access. You will still have access to the file through Google Drive, but the app won’t.Control entire apps with one clickDo you want to cut off an app’s access to your data entirely? This would be a good idea if you’re not using the App – and chances are you’ve downloaded one too many that is not being used.Go to, sign in, and click “Security” on the left. Then click on “Authorizing applications & sites”: This page shows you every app that has access to your data and gives you one button to revoke all access. Neat!Backup Google DriveNo matter how much you protect your Google Drive data from outside attacks, it’s hard to protect it from yourself. Nearly 63% of all data loss in Google Apps is user error – cases of accidental deletion tops among them. Moreover, if you’ve shared a Google Drive item with another user, they could corrupt or delete those documents through no fault of your own. The best defense against user error (and any other form of data loss) is an independent backup of Google Drive.ConclusionAs a Drexel Brothers Certified LPM you can drastically increase your income using all the Drexel brothers technology that is available to you. Getting comfortable with the Cloud Management System is essential.  Setting up your own Google Docs account so you can help your clients use this technology if they are interested is smart. Practicing good security protocol is the responsibility of every Drexel brothers LPM. Think about access to your Google Account for starters; make sure you setup two-step verification and your account recovery options. Two-step verification is an extra barrier to hacking and recovery means you can regain control of your account should anyone actually get in.  Please forward any questions to