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 A professional Mobile Landing Page is essential for every business today. These Landing pages can be either a Mobile Website, Web App or Native App, but they must not be duplications of your website that are difficult to view and navigate on a smart phone. 

Mobile Web App  Features

The SocialBulldogs Web App is a powerful stand alone mobile solution for any Business. The Mobile Web App is linked to our Text Marketing Platform to form the perfect All in One Mobile Business Solution. Some Important Web App features are illustrated in the slide show opposite and listed below:
  • Easy Do it Yourself Builders
  • Multiple Layouts & Templates
  • Custom Header & Navigation Options
  • Advanced Color Editing
  • Custom HTML & CSS
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Live Text, Email and Call Buttons
  • QR Code for the Site
  • Instant Publishing
  • Social Network Sharing
  • Automatic Redirects or subdomains
  • Main Website View Available
  • SocialBulldogs Design Team Available

Hosting & Pricing

The Hosting is based on the number of pages. A basic 5 page App is $9 a month. A 9 page App is $12 a month and a 12 Page App is $ 15 a month. Unlimited Pages is only $19.99 a month. Our All in One Mobile Platform includes Mobile App and VCard Hosting with the Text marketing Platform. The All in One Platform starts at only $29 a month

Management & Design

Our goal at Socialbulldogs is to grow your business. We know we are the best people to Design and Manage your Mobile and Website Marketing. Although all our platforms are based on easy WSIWYG editors with step by step instructions on how to make a mobile web app, we can also do it for you! Our in-house design team can assist with launching your brand or a client's brand through a completely custom-built website. 

Mobile Web App / Native App

 Native Applications that you can download from iTunes or the Android Marketplace really come in two categories, those that work offline and those that are really just a framework that pulls in online content. These really are no different most of the time from what can be done with a mobile website. Our Web App combines the best of both worlds