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M- commerce is about linking shoppers to mobile store fronts where they can instantly purchase what they were interested in. These shoppers could come from either Internet Searches or from Text Marketing campaigns.
  • 95% of smartphone users looked up local information, and of those, 61% called and 59% visited the business
  • 98% of Texted are opened within the first hour, and of those 67% result in a phone call

SocialBulldogs has a variety of M-Commerce solutions available that can be combined with a Mobile Marketing Platform. Our mobile Websitea and Apps can all be fitted with mCommerce. All Businesses can benefit from this service:


  • Deliver a text to buyers 3 days before mothers day with 3 arrangements on a mobile site to select from, they click one, purchase, input the delivery address, and are done. Right from their mobile device


  • Take-out menus, gift certificates, and more can be placed on an mCommerce site easily.


  • Sale items can be placed on a mobile page with a quick check-out feature is a fantastic way to drive additional sales from current customers.

Artists & Musicians

  • Traveling around can make it difficult to process transactions, but having the ability to get people to text in right from the stage and purchase CD's or online content instantly is a great way to monetize their business