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The absolute most important ingredient to running a successful mobile marketing campaign is database building. Database building is predicated solely on how interesting the offer is so that the potential client engages with their mobile device and willingly enters the database for future communications. The faster the rate of opt-ins, the quicker the database builds, and the quicker the business can garner an ROI from the mobile marketing program.

Our builder allows anyone to create database building material at the Point of Sale, on Mobile Business Platforms and using custom, high resolution materials for print and promotion.

Point of Sale Material

One of the first steps in creating a mobile marketing campaign for a client is looking at the point-of-sale and figuring out the best way to encourage opt-ins. Our Platform allows you to create customized point-of-sale kiosks.
  • Custom Web pages for Point of sale Campaigns
  • Opt-in to a campaign from a tablet, kiosk, or computer screen 
  • Customers type their number into the form on the kiosk and are instantly opted in, and receive a welcome text on their phone

Mobile Business Platforms

It is more important today to have a professional Mobile Business presence than ever before. Our Platform is the most versatile platform for creating a variety of Mobile Platforms for your business and yourself. The idea is to engage clients and friends with the content they want to see.

  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Virtual Business Cards - BCard
  • Virtual Social Cards - SCard

Print and Promotional Material

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers and Table Tents
  • Posters

How it Works?

A client is consulted with, and then the right engagement(s) are created based on the client's business model. The charge is based on the additional number of collateral pieces ordered above those that are included free with the setup of the platform and the level of customization requested.

Business Cards

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