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text "ONEMOBILE" to 72727

privacy policy : standard text & data rates may apply

4 msgs/month : reply HELP 4help : STOP 2stop


It is useful to be able to send out messages to databases while in the field, or not by a computer. Our SocialBulldogs App Platform provides the ability for any client to push out text-messages to different groups right from their phone, simply by clicking their app icon and typing out the message.

It is Easy to App Blast

The App Blaster interface is simple to use on the fly:
  1. Push your app icon.Type out the message you want to send
  2. Select which group or groups the message is to be delivered to
  3. Schedule for the message to be sent immediately, or for a future date and time
  4. Hit Launch

App Blast Advantages

People can now deploy texts in real-time at events, concerts, sporting games, or even while traveling- all right from their phone.